Goin' Your Way (Deluxe Edition)

  • CD
  • AUD $44.95

Goin' Your Way (2CD)

  • CD
  • AUD $21.99

Goin' Your Way (Blu-Ray)

The Blu-Ray edition of Goin’ Your Way features 26 tracks with liner notes from both Neil Finn and Paul Kelly – alongside an 8 page booklet featuring some beautiful photos from the performance.

The audio is mixed by the acclaimed Bob Clearmountain, while VMA-winning director Paul Goldman (Suburban Mayhem) directed the vision – all delivered in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1.

Please note: The DVD/Blurays are in PAL format, make sure you verify that your media player can play PAL formatted DVDS/Blurays. This product will not work on United States and Canadian NTSC-only players. 

  • DVD
  • AUD $27.95

Goin' Your Way (DVD)

  • DVD
  • AUD $19.99

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